Friday, July 28, 2017

What's The Best Color For Your Front Door?

We’ve discussed how to create good feng shui in the main entrance of your home. But how can you emanate good energy before someone even walks through the door? First, figure out the direction your front door is facing, then read on to find the best color option for your home!

What's The Best Color For Your Front Door? | Window Repair | Newton | Superior Windowland

North-Facing Front Door
North is associated with the water element, which means black, blue, white, and grey. Wood, Earth, and fire are all weakening/destructive for the water element, so avoid using any of their colors (i.e. green, red, purple, yellow, and pink).

South-Facing Front Door
South is the only direction with the fire element in feng shui, so the best color for this direction is red. You can also try yellow, orange, or even purple, but try to stay away from any earthy colors (like blue, black, or brown).

East-Facing Front Door
If your front door is facing east, your best choices are the wood element colors (green and brown). However, if those colors don’t match the exterior of your home, you can also play around with blue, black, and very light yellows.

West-Facing Front Door
The best colors for a west-facing front door are white, grey, and light yellow — representing the metal element. Colors to avoid include blue, black, red, purple, pink, and orange.

A strong feng shui color will help you attract great energy for your entire home. But first, you have to find and install the perfect door — and that’s where Superior Windowland comes in! Allow us to take years of experience — both in the installation and sales of all types of doors — to enhance not only the beauty, but also the efficiency of your home. Call us today at (203) 948-7770 for a FREE estimate.

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Thursday, July 27, 2017

How To Create Good Feng Shui In Your Main Entrance

The way you feel when you first walk into a home can affect your entire time under that one roof. This is why it’s so important to focus on creating good feng shui in your main entryway. This area should be designed to welcome, strengthen, and channel good energy throughout the rest of the house. Here are a few feng shui tweaks that can help you get started!

1.Find out the areas energy. Feng shui-wise, finding out the bagua (or the energy) of a space helps peice everything else together. Your bagua will help you choose the best colors or shapes to strengthen the energy of your main entry — maybe it's red, or maybe it’s blue!

2.Create a strong, welcoming “landing space.” Whether it’s a large or modest table, a beautiful picture, or a vase filled with flowers, there are many feng shui decor options to choose from. If your space is limited, even a simple rug will strong colors will suffice!

3.Remedy all feng shui disasters. Some feng shui issues you can quickly fix, others may need a little more attention.
  • Mirror facing the front door.
  • Staircase too close/facing the front door.
  • Wall too close/blocking the flow from the front door.
  • Bathroom over the main door.

If you need help fixing the windows or doors at your main entry, the professionals at Superior Windowland can help! We’re an industry leader in windows, doors, spray foam insulation, and more. Call us today at (203) 948-7770 for a FREE estimate.

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Friday, July 21, 2017

Stained Glass Around The World

Since the Middle Ages, stained glass has left us captivated with its beautiful and intricate colors and designs. From a Gothic chapel in Paris to a concert all in Spain, here’s a look at some of the most beautiful stained glass from around the world!

Stained Glass Around The World | Window Replacement | CT | Superior Windowland

Palau de la Música Catalana - Barcelona, Spain
This steel-framed concert hall has a stained glass skylight, which drops away from the ceiling like an inverted bell. This design is deeply covered in pigmented shades of gold and blue, featuring a three-dimensional depiction of the sun.

Grossmünster Cathedral - Zürich, Switzerland
This cathedral dates back to 1220 and its double towers have become the real landmark of Zürich. The stained glass was created in 1933 by the famous Swiss abstract artist, Augusto Giacometti. Twelve more windows were added by Sigmar Polk in 2009. Some people argue that these windows aren’t truly stained glass, since they’re thin slices of artificially colored agate (a translucent quartz that enriches color). But, the colored light that shines through is still said to be breathtaking.

Sainte-Chapelle - Paris, France
This Gothic chapel was authorized in the 13th century by King Louis IX. The 15 tall windows covering its walls are predominantly dark blue and red, featuring 1,130 prominent figures from the bible. The panels recently went through a $10 million restoration, where the windows were removed and cleaned with lasers!

Blue Mosque - Istanbul, Turkey
This mosque got its name from the blue paint used during its restorations. It has more than 200 stained-glass windows in shared ranging from pale blue to indigo, which end up covering the interior in blue as well.

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