Thursday, July 10, 2014

3 Tricks for Making Small Windows Look Larger

Unfortunately, not every home comes with beautiful, large-scale windows. And if you can't remodel due to structural or financial constraints, you probably think you're stuck with the windows you've got. However, you'll be happy to know that you can make your tiny windows look at least a little bigger using these three tricks:

1. Hang Floor-Length Curtains or Drapes

One way to make your windows look bigger is to elongate them with long curtains or drapes. Hang window treatments at or near the ceiling and make sure they come to the floor. Make the effect even more noticeable by choosing curtains and draperies with vertical stripes.

photo credit: ursonate via photopin cc
2. Use a Curtain Rod that's Wider Than the Window

You might want to make your windows appear wider than they are, in which case you should choose a drapery rod that's at least 60 percent wider than your window. Use drawing curtains that can be spread across the entire space. People who look at your window will assume that the extra fabric covers the window.

3. Choose Your Colors & Patterns Wisely

If you match the color of your draperies to that of your walls, the window will appear larger. That's because it's difficult to realize where a window begins and where the wall stops if they're the same color. Use curtains with a similar texture to the wall for full effect.

photo credit: Mix and Chic

Will you use these tricks to make your windows appear larger? If so, tweet us photos of the finished product @swindowland!

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