Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Single-Hung vs. Double-Hung Windows

If you’re considering installing new windows in your home, you might be debating between two styles: single hung and double hung. Superior Windowland offers both types of windows, and we’re happy to help you select the perfect one for your project. Let’s take a closer look at each of these types of windows.

Single-hung windows are designed in such a way that the top half stays stationary while the bottom half will move vertically. This type of window is popular in new homes, apartments and offices.

photo credit: Andersen Windows via photopin cc

  • Up to 20 percent less expensive
  • Cheaper to maintain and repair
  • Offers some ventilation
  • Each pane is accessible from the outside
  • Difficult to clean -- when open, bottom half can obstruct the upper half
  • Hard to reach from the outside if on an upper floor
  • Does not tilt
  • Not as many design options
Double-hung windows, on the other hand, offer homeowners more flexibility. The top and bottom pieces can be opened, allowing more air to move through.

  • Easy to clean because both windows can be tilted
  • Exterior accessible from inside thanks to tilt
  • Superior ventilation – both top and bottom can be opened and tilted
  • More room for design customization
  • Higher up-front costs
  • More expensive to maintain
  • Not as airtight
  • Not as strong
Superior Windowland also offers a variety of other windows including awning windows, fixed windows, sliding windows, casement windows, bay windows, bow windows and tilt and turn windows. Dial (203) 948-7770 to discuss options with a representative. Like us on Facebook to keep up with all of our update!

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