Wednesday, September 3, 2014

How to Select a Siding Color for Your Home

Your home’s siding is a big piece of its overall look. So when it comes time to update your house’s exterior, it’s important to consider your options wisely. Below are three tips for selecting a siding color for your home.

Find a color combination that appeals to you. Most people are attracted to certain color combinations. And we make decisions about color daily, from our outfit choices to the artwork we hang in our homes. The outside of your home is no different! Determining which color combination is the most appealing to you as a first step in selecting a siding color for your home.

Look around your neighborhood. How do your neighbors’ homes look? Take a stroll down your block and take note of color combinations and features that pique your interest. Doing so will not only provide inspiration, but also help you decide how your house’s new look will fit in. Don’t choose colors that will clash with your neighbors’ exteriors!

Pay attention to the sun. Your home’s orientation will impact how much of it receives direct sunlight. If your house does get a lot of sun, lighter color siding will look best. Sunlight enhances bright colors, allowing your home to look even more stunning.

Still not sure which color siding to choose for your home? From wood clapboard and wood shakes, to fiber cement siding, to vinyl siding — there is not a project the experts of Superior Windowland have not done. Call us today at (203) 948-7770 to discuss ideas and options!

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