Wednesday, October 22, 2014

3 Reasons to Avoid DIY Spray foam Insulation

Spray foam insulation offers many benefits, varying from better air quality to energy savings. And with DIY (do-it-yourself) spray foam kits readily available, you might be thinking about updating your home’s insulation on your own. Below are three reasons to avoid DIY spray foam insulation solutions:

They can smell. If not installed correctly, spray foam insulation can cause a strong, fishy smell as a result of off-gassing. In fact, according to CBC News, the scent has driven homeowners out of their houses, “some complaining of difficulty breathing and other health problems.” Superior Windowland uses state-of-the-art equipment to ensure proper installation and procedures that will prevent any unpleasant smells.

They can crack. When insulation starts to crack or chip, it stops doing its job. Unfortunately, improperly applied spray foam insulation can fall apart. That’s because the process involves the precise mixing of two chemical compounds. The everyday person just isn’t familiar with the mixing, layering, and temperature specifications!

Removing the insulation is expensive. If you do try to apply your own spray foam insulation and it goes badly, you will have trouble finding a contractor to remove it for an affordable price. Spray foam insulation is super-durable, making it hard to uninstall. CBC News reports that it could cost thousands of dollars.

When it comes to spray foam insulation, avoid DIY approaches. Turn to the experts of Superior Windowland. We’ve successfully installed hundreds of retro, open cell, closed cell and roofing cell projects. As with our other remodeling expertise, we are now considered a leader in the spray foam industry! Dial (203) 948-7770 to learn more. Don’t forget to like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and add us to your circles on Google+ for more tips.


  1. I was planning on doing my own spray foam instillation, then I saw your post. After reading that if I do my own spray foam it might end up cracking, I might rethink doing it on my own. Also if I instal the foam incorrectly the removal is very expensive is another reason I am rethinking my decision. Thank you for the great post, and info on installing spray foam.