Friday, December 19, 2014

How Spray Foam Insulation Keeps Heat In

This time of year, we all want our homes to be as cozy as possible. After all, your house should serve as a warm refuge from brutal winter weather. Adding spray foam insulation to your home might be the solution you're looking for. Here's how spray foam insulation keeps heat in:

According to HGTV, to comprehend how spray foam insulation works, you must understand the law of thermodynamics: "heat flows in one direction, from a warm space to a cold one." The warm air inside of your home, according to this law, will flow outdoors to the cold air during the winter.

Spray foam insulation keeps heat in by filling the spaces between framing studs within your walls and in your attic. Because it expands by almost 100 times its original volume, it does a better job at filling air gaps than does fiberglass insulation. In short, spray foam insulation fills in the cracks through which warm air tries to escape.

As a partner with LaPolla, Superior Windowland uses some of the best spray foam products in the industry, including FOAM-LOK insulation. Not only will it help keep your home warm this winter, but it can also save you more than $100 per month on heating and cooling costs compared to traditional forms of insulation.

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  1. Interesting to learn how spray foam works. Always wanted to know how a simple thing like foam kept heat in and out of your home. Now I know why they use spray foam on all of those home and garden shows.

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