Thursday, February 19, 2015

How to Repurpose Old Windows as Home Decor

If you've recently replaced your home's windows, you may be wondering what to do with your old ones. Don't just throw them out. Put on your DIY hat and upcycle them instead! Let's discuss how to repurpose old windows as home decor:

1. Picture frames

Whether your old windows are single-pane or multi-pane, they can be reused as picture frames! According to Bob Vila, "A window’s strong frame is designed to keep heavy glass in place, it works equally well to help you display family photos, art, or little bits and baubles." Here's one great example, courtesy of Talia Christine.

Photo: Talia Christine

2. Cork boards

Need a new way to display memos and notes? Transform your old windows into awesome cork boards! Blogger Mom 4 Real offers step by step directions here. What better way to be more organized and be more crafty?

Photo: Mom 4 Real

3. Room dividers

If you're looking for a beautiful way to divide a room without losing natural light, this one's for you. Here, hung windows are used to separate a space at Le Créme Spa in San Francisco. You can easily create the same look for your home! Thanks to POPSUGAR for sharing this tip and photo.


Instead of sending your old windows to a landfill, repurpose them as home decor. It's simple and affordable! Don't forget to like Superior Windowland on Facebook and follow us on Twitter and Google+ for more tips.

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