Thursday, August 17, 2017

Window Treatments: Are You More Decorative or Formal?

Recently added new windows to your home? Next step is adding window treatments to help tie your space together. But do you go with decorative window treatments or formal? Use this guide to help you decide.

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Decorative Window Treatments
Add a layer of design through patterns, colors, and textures.
• Highlights a particular feature of a room, like a bay window or window seat.
• Ties all of the elements in a room together by reinforcing a style, supporting the color scheme, and matching the design.

Formal Window Treatments
• Serve a purpose beyond their aesthetic value.
• Can easily block the sun if need be.
• Provides privacy at night so no one can peek through your windows at ground-level.

Factors to Consider
Budget - Find out what you’re realistically willing to spend, both decorative and formal window treatments can add up!
• Placement - Where will your treatments go? Will it be beneficial to place them there for years to come?
• Function - What is the purpose of your treatments?
• Lifestyle - Do you live alone, with children, pets, or both? Depending on your living situation, you may want to avoid floor-length styles or treatments with long cords dangling.

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