Thursday, June 8, 2017

How To Choose The Right Window For Your Sunroom

You can’t have a sunroom without any windows. But with hundreds of options to choose from, the selection process can seem a bit overwhelming. Start by pinpointing the style and material that fits best, and window shopping will become far easier.

How To Choose The Right Window For Your Sunroom | Superior Windowland |

How should they open?
  • Fixed windows don’t open, and are typically used in sunrooms where the walls are made entirely out of glass.
  • Slider windows consist of two framed panes that move side to side.
  • Double-hung windows have two framed panes that move up and down instead of side to side.
  • Casement windows are able to open entirely, unlike slider and double-hangs, which can only be half open.
  • Awning windows are hinged on the top, so the window becomes a rain shield when its open.

What material do you want?
  • Vinyl windows never have to be painted. They also come in a handful of colors.
  • Wood windows can be painted to match the interior and exterior trim of your sunroom.
  • Clad windows are made from wood, but are covered with vinyl or aluminum. So in the end, you get the look of wood, but in a variety of different colors.

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