Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Are Casement Windows Safe?

Safety is a main concern for homeowners — and windows are supposed to protect you. Which type of window protects your home the most? This week we’re fact-checking to see if casement windows get’s the job done.

Are Casement Windows Safe? | Superior Windowland LLC

Are Casement Windows Safe?

Casement windows open via a crank, so there’s no way for someone to open the window from the outside. And when the casement windows are closed, the sash is tightly pressed into the frame, providing the window with extra strength.

How Can You Make Casement Windows Even Safer?

Although casement windows are already very secure, you can take extra steps to deter burglars and unwanted guests from targeting your home. One way is by safety glazing, or reinforced glazing. This protects your casement windows from shattering on impact, whether it be from mother nature or a would-be burglar. You can also install a secondary lock to give you peace of mind and ensure the window can’t open from the outside.

Although casement windows aren’t seen quite as often on American homes compared to those in Europe, they are still popular! And luckily, we carry them! Along with our wide variety of other windows.

Superior Windowland only carries the top window brands to ensure that you get the highest quality. So whether you need a broken window repaired, or new siding for your home, you can count on us to get the job done right! Call us today at (203) 948-7770 for a FREE estimate.

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