Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Fall Home Maintenance: Doors and Windows

Doors and windows are supposed to keep the cool air out. But since they are constantly being opened, closed, and exposed to the outdoor elements, they can easily not close properly. To keep yours ready for the winter chill that's about to hit us, here are three maintenance tips before winter hits.

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1. Seal Drafts

Are your doors and windows closing firmly? If you hear a rattle noise when it closes, you have a draft. First, clear all dirt and debris that is trapped in the track. Then, begin weather stripping away!

2. Address Glazing Concerns

Over time, windows glazing can crack and break, which allows the glass to become loose and let cool air inside your home. Loose windows are also more prone to break from vibration. If you can DIY, reapply glaze, making sure to keep the angles and corners neat and clean. But make sure the window is properly repaired and sealed first to ensure a long, useful life.

3. Fix Frame Leaks

Draft leaks can come through joints and cracks around your door, window, or skylight. This can lead to wasted energy, heat loss, and mold growth around the frame. Remove the inside trim moulding and inject foam all the way around the frame. But if possible, call a professional to lend a helping hand!

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